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Photo Galleries


Meet the Class 1978-2020     

Rose Bowl and Farm Walk Demos, 2006

Farm Walk - April 2000

Kung-Fu Horseback Riding

Lee Shapiro - Master - July 25, 2009

Hawaiian Ranch Fund Raiser Video

Back in Business at OLOV Hall Video 2022




Kids love it...

Exercise never was so much fun...

 Today, Jesse Borisoff, age 36,
serves with distinction, in the USAF.

  Today, Evan Borisoff, age 40,
works with the handicapped.


Adults get a kick out of it, too...

Memories and Ancient History...


Paul, Evan & Master Jimmy H. Woo Circa 1982

Sifu Charles W.Cory,
Paul Borisoff & Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo - 1986

The Laurel Canyon School (July 28, 1979) The Lankershim School (July 1990)


Bob and Paul Borisoff (1977) Paul H. Borisoff (1978)

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