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An interesting "outside opinion" on Kung-Fu San San Soo...
The San  Soo Kung Fu, Scars, Safta and Target Focus Training connection


Paul H. Borisoff at the 1985 San Soo Exposition.

Old School Workout with Sifu Paul H. Borisoff

Some real cool moves.

Student demonstrates a Hand Form

Master Paul Borisoff at Farm Walk 2006

Pierce College Workout

 Basic Lesson #1

...And Basic Lesson #10

Families that slay together, stay together! Master Ron Franco demonstrates various weapons.
Fun days for the Franco Family at KFSS Reseda! Valentina demonstrates a lesson.
1st night at the OLOV Hall for KFSS, Canoga Park  


You may wish to purchase, The Mastering of a Combat Art, a trusted source of information.


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